Warrior Theater Company

The Warrior Theater Company is a rigorous program with a mission to grow more compassionate, competitive, and well-rounded individuals who use their creativity and talents to bring glory to the Kingdom of God. Company members are challenged physically, intellectually, and spiritually.

CCS Theatre Program

The theatrical experience begins in elementary school. All elementary students have the opportunity to attend full-length productions both within school and through external opportunities in the community. Additionally, elementary students are involved in performance opportunities during the school year.

The middle school program serves as a highly successful training ground for our aspiring actors and actresses. MS students are able to concentrate on theatrical skills and interests through semester-long classes. This allows students to further refine their skills while learning the academic and technical aspects of the art.

Our award-winning high school theater program provides a professional-level platform for students to grow and excel in theatrical skills. Multiple auditioned shows are staged throughout the school year and there are numerous opportunities for participation in theater competitions.

All three theater departments collaborate with one another to present visually stunning productions filled with large musical numbers, on-stage costume changes, and dramatic performances that captivate our watchful audiences. For more information about workshops and upcoming productions, you can follow us on social media.


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CCS Theatre Productions

The Warrior Theatre department produces award-winning productions every year. Don’t miss any CCS Black Box productions as well as other performances throughout the year. Visit the Fine Arts Calendar to find the next performance!

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