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Cornerstone Christian Schools offers collegiate-level, state-of-the-art athletics and training facilities along with our world class coaching staff.

Coaching Staff

Our coaches are driven to develop and disciple the God-given potential of each student athlete training them with a Kingdom perspective that will impact future generations for Christ through their athletic abilities! Read about each one below!

A Welcome Letter from the Athletic Director

On behalf of the CCS Athletic Department, I invite all students to participate in our interscholastic sports programs. Sports are an excellent way to grow emotionally and spiritually as an individual. As a graduate of Southwood High School, athletics played a major role in preparing me for college and the adult world. Because of sports, lessons from my coaches, and the games I played, I developed skills in time management, problem solving, delegation, motivation, and team building.


The CCS Athletic Department believes that a student athlete’s pursuits on the field should rival those off the field. A Cornerstone Warrior pursues personal and spiritual growth through their academic work and team experiences. Warriors develop a sense of ethical responsibility as ambassadors and leaders for our school. Our athletic department values good sportsmanship in an outstanding athletics program. We expect all participants of Cornerstone Christian School Athletics to be responsible athletes. The Athletic Department prioritizes every student’s academic success.


When you are a member of the CCS Warrior Family, the CCS Athletic Department holds expectations similar to those of our family. Act responsibly as you represent our school. Remember that you are an ambassador for all students who attend Cornerstone Christian Schools. How you act and react to situations not only reflects on you, but is also a reflection of your parents, peers, coaches, Cornerstone Christian Schools, and Cornerstone Church. As a student athlete, you carry academic responsibilities in addition to your athletic role. Study, participate in class, practice hard, be a positive example for your classmates, and do your best to excel in all ways. Take pride in the opportunity to represent the CCS Warriors in a first-class manner.

Please remember that the coaches and administrators are here for you. Our goal is to help you succeed in athletics and in life preparing you for whatever God has in store. Once you graduate, we hope you remain involved with the school as a member of the Cornerstone Christian Schools Warrior Family!

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