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Cornerstone Christian Schools offers collegiate-level, state-of-the-art athletics and training facilities along with our world class coaching staff.

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Our coaches are driven to develop and disciple the God-given potential of each student athlete training them with a Kingdom perspective that will impact future generations for Christ through their athletic abilities! Read about each one below!

Welcome - The Way of the Warrior

In effort to create the best possible experience for all individuals affiliated with the Cornerstone Athletic Community, a code was manifested to serve as a reference for expectations. Being a Cornerstone Warrior is not an entitlement but a gift, one ordained by the gracious Lord we serve and extended to us by the Cornerstone Ministry. We serve the church first, our teams second, and ourselves last (Matthew 20:16).

The expectation of a Cornerstone Warrior is the unrelenting pursuit of excellence in the development of the four disciplines outlined in our school's mission: spiritual, intellectual, physical, and socially. Failure only exists when we do not keep Christ first and/or we cease our pursuit in the excellence of these four core values. We understand that perfection is unattainable, but also understand that in using Jesus Christ as our model, those that following the path of perfection will result in greatness. Our goal is to take what we develop in our athletic seasons and use it to become more focused disciples of God's holy word by extending the gospels of Jesus Christ to all the world.

A Cornerstone Warrior acts as a good steward to the sport and ministry they represent. In order for us to be difference makers, those we compete against must see a difference in the way we compete. Regardless of outcome, we will always honor God with our words and actions. We will be humble in our victories and will graciously accept the lessons to be learned in loss.

Unwavering support of this philosophy is essential for a Cornerstone Warrior. We must always remember who and what we play the game for, not for coaches, teachers, or for worldly prizes, but for the gracious God that fills the deepest parts of our soul. We must always believe and never doubt the power of that God or the power of faith (Matthew 17:20). As Warriors we never, ever, ever give up. Even if you find yourself sweating blood in a garden of olives, Warriors accept their cup and they persevere (Luke 22:42). Warriors voluntarily accept the expectations on them and see it through until the end (John 19 28-30).

Finally, let us remember Matthew 7:14, which tells us that the gate is narrow and the road is difficult that leads to life, and that few will ever find it. Remember the code when your road is tough. Remember that everything is about everything and that our success as Warriors will be judged on how well we walk our road.

If at any point you have any other questions that are still not answered or are unclear, then please feel free to contact the CCS Athletic Department ( to set up a meeting.

Thank you for entrusting your children to this school, and we look forward to the privilege and responsibility of serving you and your family.

2023 Athletics Staff Directory

Position Name Extension Email
Athletic Director Darryl Hemphill
Head of Football Operations Clayton Guillory 1852
Volleyball, Varsity Head Coach Mike Carter
Boys Soccer, Head Coach Asaf Cuellar 1138
Girls Soccer, Head Coach Janio Cabezas
Boys Basketball, Head Coach Randy Schuster
Girls Basketball, Head Coach Terry Barton 1859
Baseball, Head Coach Jason Stein 1850
Golf, Head Coach Therese Bass
Cross Country & Track and Field, Head Coach Dr. Andrea Wagner 1852
Sports Internal Operations Coordinator and Head Softball Coach Celina Castillo 1855
Wrestling, Head Coach Wes Moore
Athletic Trainer Alyssa Guerra 1853

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