ELEVATE Academic Support

Learn how our staff collaborates with you and your student to enhance their educational experience at Cornerstone Christian Schools.

ELEVATE Academic Support Program

The ELEVATE Academic Support Program is distinctively designed to serve students with diagnosed learning differences. Our goal is to help ALL students unlock their potential, become independent and active learners who develop the skills necessary to overcome their learning barriers to achieve academic success and make disciples of Christ.

Students are the central focus of ELEVATE and we will review (with parents and guardians) their individual needs and create a unique learning plan to help them thrive in their educational endeavors.

ELEVATE teachers will work with classroom teachers to effectively implement the learning plans in all the student’s classes. We will provide a variety of tutoring and academic supports to assist the individual learning needs of our students as well as ensure the appropriate paperwork is in place for standardized testing, AP testing, and for when students head off to college.

ELEVATE staff will work with our families to raise all learners to their greatest potential.

ELEVATE Academically Talented Program

The ELEVATE Academically Talented Program is designed to serve our Warriors who are working significantly above enrolled grade level in their academics. Our goal is to help our Warriors understand that God has given them these gifts of knowledge to make their world a better place.

Elementary students who consistently score 95% or higher on the Renaissance STAR test in math or reading are invited to an optional academic enhancement program. During this pull-out program, our Warriors are taught to be active problem-solvers who seek to expand their knowledge and understanding in various educational endeavors.

Secondary Warriors are able to enhance their academics by taking above-level math courses, participating in honors classes, or taking Advanced Placement (AP) courses.

Our ELEVATE Academically Talented Program will support our Warriors in their academic growth, curiosity, creativity, and cooperative learning skills while growing in God’s plan for them.

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