CCS Instrumental Music

The CCS instrumental music program points its members and its audiences toward their Creator and toward the joy of performing to His glory. Instrumental music students learn to analyze and interpret music, serve others as they communicate through performance, develop their talents, and exercise the gift of music.


CCS Instrumental Program

Exposure to instrumental music begins at the elementary level. Through our general elementary music courses, students are exposed to Orff instrumental techniques, percussion, and wind instruments. This introduction lays a foundation for interest and the acquisition of skills for the continued pursuit of instrumental musicianship. Elementary students may participate in “Warrior Thunder,” an elementary percussion ensemble
Our primary instrumental ensemble is the CCS Warrior Band. The band has gained numerous awards and accolades throughout the years. Comprised of students in grades 6-12, the Warrior Band provides a variety of opportunities for students learn, grow in their skill, perform, and compete as an instrumentalist. Many Warrior Band students have continued their music education at the college level, earning scholarships and pursuing the opportunity to continue the Warrior music tradition in their careers.


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