CCS is delighted to offer one-time $250 Honorary Discounts to:

  • Active Military
  • Veterans
  • Active First Responders (Police, Firemen, EMT
  • Active Pastor
  • CCS Alumni


  • Only one discount allowed per family for each student
  • The discount is applied after all other discounts and aid have been applied to the financial account
  • This is a non-refundable discount
  • The discount is available to the financially responsible legal guardians, as defined by the courts, of the student(s) only
  • This form, with proof of status, must be turned in to the accounting services office within the school calendar for the current year the discount is to apply. (no retroactive discounts for families who fail to apply for the discount within the school year)
  • The discount will automatically renew for Veterans and Alumni. A new form and proof of eligibility will be required each year for Active Military, Pastors or First Responders
  • Alumni must have graduated from CCS with their financial account in good standing.
  • Families that are receiving a special tuition rate, as defined by accounting services, will not be eligible for the discount

Proof of eligibility will be as follows:

  • Active Military – military identification verified by staff at designated stations
  • Veterans – veteran identification verified by staff at designated stations
  • Active First Responders – copy of current identification with the company affiliated
  • Active Pastor – copy of Church bulletin naming the Pastor or letter on church letterhead, signed by church secretary with contact phone number
  • CCS Alumni – graduation year and name at time of graduation


Click here to print Honorary Discount Form