Student Referral Program

We are excited to announce the official launch of the New & Enhanced Student Referral Program!

The Student Referral Program is open to all financially responsible parents or legal guardians of K4 through 12th-grade students enrolled at Cornerstone Christian Schools. When you refer a family to CCS, you will be awarded a $500 non-refundable tuition credit for each new student (K4-12) that enrolls at Cornerstone Christian Schools!

Here is a breakdown of the Student Referral Program:

  • A $250 nonrefundable tuition credit is applied to your family’s tuition account upon enrollment of the new student(s) and the remaining $250 nonrefundable tuition credit is applied after the new student(s) has completed their first full semester.
  • The referral credit is limited to 4 students per school year per referring family.
  • The new student may not be a sibling of a currently enrolled CCS student or a student/family returning to CCS.
  • The referring family must have completed one full semester at CCS to be eligible to earn the referral credit.
  • The referral verification form must be submitted to Accounting Services within 2 weeks of the referred family’s start date.
  • Both the referring family’s and the new family’s financial accounts must be current at the completion of the referred family’s first full semester in order to receive the remaining $250 tuition credit.
    • First semester current by December 31
    • Second semester current by June 30

Interpretation of program parameters will be at the discretion of the School division Principal and/or Superintendent.

Eligibility and amount of credit will be determined by the Accounting Services office.

There are no cash payments for referrals under any circumstance.

This program is subject to change or withdrawal at any time by CCS.

Employees and Contractors of GEI are not eligible to earn the referral credit.

Please contact Accounting Services with any questions at