Warrior Institute

The Warrior Institute is a university-style organization of CCS’s 8th-12th grade curriculum.

We are uniquely preparing your student for college or career.

The Warrior Institute is a university-style organization of CCS’s curriculum (grades 8 - 12). Designed to give students voice and choice in their academics, the WI intentionally and systematically prepares CCS Warriors for success in college and career. When CCS graduates matriculate to college, they select a major that is housed in a particular school or department. Similarly, CCS students choose a specialization that is housed in a WI Academy (see the list below for the Academies and specializations). CCS realizes that some students prefer either to sample a variety of electives within an Academy (such students have an Interdisciplinary specialization within an Academy) or sample courses from several academies, never committing to an Academy at all (these students are simply Interdisciplinary). In short, the WI enables each student the opportunity to create a personalized academic pathway for graduation that aligns with his/her strengths and interests.

How is the Warrior Institute designed?

The WI is designed to prepare each student for higher education or with the skills to go immediately into a desired career path. The Warrior Institute offers not only unique academic programs, but also a series of experiential activities formulated to allow students to apply the skills they have learned. Along the way, students discover their specific God-given abilities and talents. For more information on the WI, available courses and their descriptions, course sequence guides, and other relevant information, see the Warrior Institute Course Catalog.



Warrior Institute Course Catalog

CCS Warrior Institute Statement of Curriculum Course Descriptions 2019-20


Entrepreneurship & Management, Communications & Marketing, and Interdisciplinary

Performing Arts-Music, Performing Arts-Theatre, Visual Arts, and Interdisciplinary

Law & Political Science, Ministry, and Interdisciplinary

Engineering, Computer Science, and Interdisciplinary

Pre-Med, Behavioral Science, Exercise Science, and Interdisciplinary

Choose Your Own Specialization

At the Warrior Institute, you can choose your own specialization to prepare for college better.

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