SEAL (Specialized Enhanced Academic Learning)

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Student Services Academic Program: Specialized Enhanced Academic Learning (SEAL)

“Intentionally engaging academically talented learners and strong readers in alternative educational endeavors will support academic growth, curiosity, creativity, and cooperative learning skills.”

The SEAL Enrichment Program is distinctively designed to serve students who have demonstrated exceptional strength in the speed of acquisition and application of knowledge evidenced by high levels of achievement on standardized scores and class grades. In an effort to further facilitate the optimal development of academically talented students, CCS has developed a differentiated educational experience that will provide time and resources to provide additional challenge and motivation.

The SEAL Enrichment program encourages students to make connections with literacy, social studies, science, and mathematics. The program integrates project-based learning with hands-on construction.

Students will be encouraged to conduct their own experiments, collect data needed to solve real world problems, and use a multi-step design process while learning to collaborate with others as they learn to respect their own and other’s varying skill sets and intelligences.

Participation in this distinctive, invitation only program is voluntary. The cost of enrollment is not included in tuition. Here are some of the primary services that we offer:

  • Student Enhanced Academic Plan (SEAP) Development and Monitoring of Accommodation
  • Academic Intervention
  • Development & Instruction of Academically-Talented Courses (Elementary)
  • On-Site Management of Professional Academic Therapy Providers
  • Faculty Support & Professional Development.
  • Facilitate the Application for Formal Accommodations - SAT ™, PSAT ™ , AP ™ , ACT ™



Academic Intervention Individual (Speech Language) Academic Reading Intervention Small Group Academic Mathematics Intervention Small Group Facilitated Academic Intervention/Remediation (Secondary)
1 x per week (30 minutes per session) 1 x per week (45 minutes per session) 1 x per week (45 minutes) Learning Specialist and/or course aligned instructor - 1 x per week (45 minutes per session)
8 sessions per quarter 8 sessions per quarter 8 sessions per quarter 8 sessions per quarter: 2 x per week ( 45 min per session): 16 sessions per quarter
2 x per week 30 min per session) 2 x per week ( 45 minutes per session) 2 x per week (90 minutes) 3 x per week ( 40 min per session) - 24 sessions per quarter
16 sessions per quarter 16 sessions per quarter 16 sessions per quarter
Academically Talented/ Gifted & Talented Enrichment Academically Talented/Gifted & Talented Enrichment: MathCounts ® (Middle School)
1 x per week (45 minutes per session) (grades 1-3) 1 x per week during ECHO/Lunch
1 x per week (45 minutes per session) (grades 1-3): 7 sessions per quarter 7 sessions per quarter plus competition
2 x per week ( 45 min per session) (grades 4-5)- 14 sessions per quarter -

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Cornerstone Christian Schools is committed to offering reasonable accommodations to policies and procedures in an effort to support student learning. In compliance with ADA policy, accommodations may not fundamentally alter the nature of the school’s program that create an undue burden on students or staff, or pose a direct threat to other students. For Student Services fee information, please contact our school office at (210) 979-9203.

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