Middle School Program (grades 6 - 8)

We take what the student learned in Elementary and continue to prepare them for college and career.

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Cornerstone Christian Schools’ secondary curriculum is Biblically-based and prepares students to be successful at the college or university of their choice. Students are challenged to reach their maximum potential in all curricular areas, including science, technology, engineering, art, and math. CCS offers a wide range of developmental electives in the areas of technology, music, art, theatre, communication, physical education, and foreign language.

We take what the student learned in Elementary and continue to prepare them for college and career.

During the middle school years, along with the core STEM coursework, your student can choose courses from a variety of electives. These include: band, choir, visual arts, theatre, technology, and more.  In the upper middle school years, some high school electives are available to eighth grade students.

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The CCS Visual Arts program provides opportunities for hands-on experiences, critical thinking, active problem solving, application of persistence, practice, cooperative learning, technology, and creative graphic expression. The student develops a Biblical worldview through the study and application of visual arts. Students come to understand that the Lord is actively at work in all areas of life. By focusing on the world’s beauty through the eyes of the Lord, the Creator, students are commissioned to demonstrate creativity and harmony. Students develop a variety of methods and forms of expression for their artistic talents.

The purpose of the Biblical Studies program at CCS is to provide an academic environment for students to know God through Jesus Christ and to grow in their faith. God is a personal God who reveals to humanity His nature, purpose in history, and love for all creation. At the center of our faith is the crucified and risen Jesus Christ and our belief that “...the Son of God became a man so that humanity could become children of God” (Mere Christianity, C.S. Lewis). The Biblical Studies curriculum provides the framework for a study of Scripture, thus creating the opportunity to apply Biblical principles and examples to the choices and issues students face each day. The focus of the intentional classroom instruction consists of a) knowledge of the Bible, b) application of Scripture, and c) discernment to think and reason from a Biblical perspective. The ultimate goal is to help students formulate a Christ-centered worldview.

Students acquire an awareness and understanding of the world, its people, and its history and investigate ways the past may influence the future. Within the diverse range of Christian perspective, students explore patterns of human and environmental interaction through history, geography, political science, economics, and current events, fostering an awareness of the interconnectedness of these disciplines. When exploring cause-and-effect relationships, students apply Christian principles to examine past and present, local, state, national, and global events. Students develop an appreciation for a personal heritage, as well as cultural differences, as they evaluate their roles and responsibilities as citizens in God’s creation.

Mathematics is the curriculum strand that exemplifies God’s precise, orderly, and sometimes mysterious, creation. As a result of a mathematics education, students develop literacy in mathematics. In seeking solutions, students incorporate abstract thinking skills. Students experience abundant opportunities to reason mathematically, recognize the connection between mathematics and other disciplines, and express an understanding of concepts using a variety of methods and media.

CCS’ Physical Education program focuses on the whole child by fostering general wellness, as well as four critical skills for the 21st-century learner: collaboration, communication, critical thinking, and creativity. Students receive instruction in mental, physical, social, and spiritual health. They are encouraged and guided to develop positive self-esteem, to accept themselves and others, to handle stress, to solve problems, and to exercise leadership. By learning about body systems, nutrition, exercise, and by practicing physical activities, the students embrace health and wellness as a lifelong goal.

The CCS Language Arts education exposes students to a variety of literary genres: Christian fiction, apologetic writing, secular novels, historically-based literature, historical documentation, prose, poetry, personal narratives, and a wide array of children’s literature. The systematic targeting of organizational skills, analytical thinking, and editing skills woven throughout the Language Arts curriculum enhances the success of the students. Discernment for God’s truth is taught formally and informally within the Language Arts discipline. Students evaluate literature and accompanying forms of written communication on the basis of Biblical truth and gain a deeper understanding and application of its principles.

The CCS Science curriculum provides an opportunity for each student to develop a grounded understanding of Biblical truth measured against his/her observations of the natural world and its processes. Science is a method of inquiry founded upon the order of this natural world and the design of its Creator. Students explore the various disciplines of science through an organized progression of class presentations, hands-on activities, and laboratory investigations that emphasize scientific processes and develop critical thinking skills. Students recognize that science integrates with mathematics, technology, written language, and consumer and career interests. Resulting from scientific knowledge, students come to acknowledge their role as stewards to care for humanity and conserve resources for the glory of God.

Students at CCS, through the intentional study of World Languages, will appreciate the unlimited capabilities that God gives all peoples to glorify and serve Him through language. Students will gain an awareness of both their own language and culture, as well as that of the language and culture being studied. Students will comprehend, analyze, and critique texts and media while demonstrating competence in listening, speaking, reading, and writing in the targeted language. Students will become aware of the opportunities for practical application of their language knowledge in communities, in ministry, and in commerce.

As a result of a CCS education, students will demonstrate familiarity with and competence in accessing information resources -- print, electronic or media -- within or beyond their immediate learning community. The Library/Media Center provides students access to a rich environment of print and non-print resources. Students will construct meaning from information, create quality products, learn independently, participate as collaborative learners, and utilize informational technologies responsibly and ethically.

2021-2022 Middle School Student / Parent Handbook

Download our latest handbook stating Cornerstone Christian Schools’ core values, policies, and more. School administration reserves the right to amend and/or add policies to this document throughout the school year. In the event that a policy is adopted or changed, families will be properly notified before said policy is implemented.

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