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Warrior Chronicle

Warrior Chronicle

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

We are delighted with the release of the first edition of The Warrior Chronicle.   The Chronicle came about as the result of an inspirational speech from the Eleventh Grade DC English Teacher, Ms. Kennedy. 
The class hopes to become the 'voice of the students'.

Mrs. Kennedy gave each of her English sections an opportunity to do a project outside of the regular English Curriculum, the Dual Credit section wanted to do a newsletter.  That particular group came together under the Leadership of student Peyton Liebler.  The entire class seemed enthusiastic about the project and still are very excited about this accomplishment.

Although, they are at the very 'birth' of this project, many other students from some of Ms. Kennedy's other English sections are now becoming very interested and want to participate.  The students are doing the work on a voluntary basis.  This shows the character of our CCS students and their pursuit to become the best students that they can become inside and outside of the curriculum.

The Warrior Chronicle writers look forward to celebrating this project for years to come.

Check out the first Warrior Chronicle at


Thank you English Department.  Congratulations Warrior Journalist!  We are proud of you.