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CCS Cheerleaders are Champions

CCS Cheerleaders are Champions

Sunday, January 22, 2017

This Championship Title was exactly what the Warriors have worked all year for.  CCS Cheerleaders set goals at the beginning of this school year on what they wanted out of their season.  Among increasing school spirit, improving their skills and being more present on campus, they also agreed that they wanted to compete at cheerleading competitions. Near the end of football season they held a tryout for a joint middle school and high school competition squad and were able to create a team of 15. They began training for competition and learning choreography at the beginning of November, and the girls have been hard at work ever since.

As a school cheerleading squad, their first priority was to always be present on campus to support the Warrior athletic teams.   In addition to cheering at football and basketball games these girls and their families have devoted extra time to be at Saturday practices as well as Thanksgiving and Christmas break practices because they know the amount of work that is required to be a successful team and represent Cornerstone Christian Schools well. The week before their first competition two of their cheerleaders sustained injuries that would not allow them to compete. After working on the routine for months, it would have been very easy for them to give up and decide not to attend this competition, but the girls were back in the gym willing to take on the challenge of changing their routine with smiles and brave faces.

Competition morning came and everyone arrived at CCS with plenty of nerves, hairspray and red lipstick! After a short run through practice to refresh everyone's memory on the new material, they loaded the bus headed to UTSA. At a cheerleading competition, you only have time to run through your whole routine once in warm-ups before performing, and our warm-up run through did not go as well as they hoped. Thankfully, they were able to bring their worries,  hurts, and  joys to the Lord in prayer and know that it was He who would carry them through the performance and that, ultimately, we were performing for His glory and not their own.

When this team of thirteen girls took the performance mat, you would have never guessed the struggles they'd faced two days before or even fifteen minutes before. Changing a cheerleading routine two days before a competition is no easy feat, but they took it in stride, showed confidence and joy and performed their routine beautifully! Both Coach Drea and Sandoval are extremely proud of the hard work they've dedicated to their sport this year.  They are all looking forward to having the chance to take the scores and judges critiques and make the routine even better when they compete again in two weeks at the FCC Texas Showdown on February 4, 2017!

Go Warriors!!!