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Fine Arts

Welcome from Fine Arts

CCS believes fine arts helps students learn creativity, critical thinking, communication, and collaboration.



In CCS Art Classes students are learning the creative process from the birth of an idea to the completion of the final product. The curriculum builds on previous instruction by adding new skills.  Each skill level has a more complex set of objectives, and prepares the students for future art opportunities.  


Emphasis is placed on music as a God-given expression of praise and worship. Students learn to appreciate all types of music. They learn how and why it was used in the Bible.  Various methods of instruction, such as vocal, instrumental, and rhythmic are used. As the fundamentals of music are taught, students learn the importance of individual and group praise, artistic performance, and excellence in accuracy and quality.



Beginning in sixth grade, students have the opportunity to outlet their creativity via acting and participating in theatre productions. CCS hosts multiple theatre productions throughout the school year that are open to the public.